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Full Senior Citizen£ 28.00
Full Country£ 28.00
Associate Member£ 38.00
Associate Senior Citizen£ 30.00
Cadet£ 28.00
Family Member£ 25.00
Junior Member£ 25.00
Joining Fee£ 10.00
The joining fee is applicable to new members, or to members who have let their membership lapse and have rejoined.

Membership Categories:

Full Members: Past Members of the Armed Forces and Merchant Navy.

Full Senior Citizen: Past members of the Armed Forces who have reached the age of 60, Male and Female.

Full Country: Past Members of the Armed Forces who reside a distance of 20 miles or more from the club.

Associate members: Those who were not members of the Armed Forces.

Associate Senior Citizen: Those who were not members of the Armed Forces and correspond to the ages of full senior Citizens.

Cadet: All members of cadet training units. Family Member: Any Member of your Family over 18 Years who resides at your Address.

All Serving members of The Armed Forces and Their Spouses have Courtesy of the Club at the discretion of the Committee.

Junior Member:This is applicable to all 16-18 year olds.

New Members Procedure: Fill in Form and deposit in New Members Box in Main Entrance to the Club or Post to the Secretary. You will receive a reply from the Secretary, requesting that you attend the Club on a Tuesday at 12.30a.m. or a Friday Night between the Hours of 7-8p.m. when your application will be processed, please bring proof of service if applicable and payment. If it is not possible to attend at the above times, please ring the Club or email and another appointment will be agreed.

Download the form to join Naval and Military Club and post it or bring it with you to the Club.
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